Friday, September 16, 2011

6 More Days

#6 - Photopass Photos

Image from

Photos!!  I LOVE photos!!  I think photopass photos are SUCH a great idea and it makes me sad that Disneyland, though they are getting better, just doesn't have the amount of photopass photographers and photos that WDW has.  I am gonna hit up every photo spot and every photographer I can!  TWICE!  HA!

*NEW* I Heart Fall and Fall Fail Add-On!

Can you believe it is fall already?  Definitely still feels like summer around here.  To get you ready to scrap all those awesome fall photos I have a new kit for you!  Remember, these are 20% off for the whole weekend!

I Heart Fall

And for those of us that don't have the tradtional fall:

Fall Fail Add-On

These kits so awesome together.  If you feel like you would love to have both of them, I have packaged them up into a fun fall bundle for 25% off!

Fall - The Bundle

I also packaged up just the alpha from I Heart Fall.  So if you don't want to get the whole kit, but you like the alpha then you can get it!

I Heart Fall - Alpha

Here is what my amazing CT did with the kit:

I hope you love it all as much as I do!  With that I am heading out on vacation next week!  See you all in October =)
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