Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art Journaling The Magic Update!

We are now a couple weeks into the seriously awesome A Walk In The Park: An Online Sketchbook Adventure and Tour of Disneyland with Tangie Baxter and Friends and I am seriously having sooo much fun and learning so much about painting with watercolors!!  I seriously NEVER EVER thought I would do any sort of painting.  Ever.  I can barely draw a stick figure and figured that I would really never be able to paint either, but I have been super happy with what I have managed to create so far!

Tangie and the other instructors and everyone else taking the class have all been so encouraging and helpful with this process.  I have managed to let go of my fears and just go with it!

I highly recommend the class to anyone that has ever been wanting to try a little painting and has been hesitant or scared to try!  I know I was and even though I am still learning how it all works, I am so happy with my work to this point!

The class is still on sale and you can join at any point! 

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