Sunday, June 17, 2012

WDW Trip Report Part 3.2 - Second Half Of Epcot

After our lunch break we started over to the World Showcase area.  We decided to go right, which is Canada.  The Canada pavilion is really pretty!  It is made to look like you are in the mountains and it really does seem like you are!  Even though we couldn't get a ADR for Le Cellier, the walkway to the restaurant was soo gorgeous that we had to take the walk through it to get some photos.  So pretty and green and there were little bunnies running around everywhere!

We took some fun photos in front of the Native totem poles and of the Mercantile and Trading Posts shops.

Then we took a seriously ridiculous photo with the Native mask display.  It was hilarious.

I think one of my favorite parts of Canada was the whitewashed fence with the red Canadian Maple Leaf cut-outs.  So cute.

From Canada you get a pretty awesome view of the whole world showcase.  I took so many photos from this spot because it was simply gorgeous!  I loved all the animals roaming around everywhere too!

 While taking these photos, I busted out the video camera to try and take in the beauty.  It is hard to appreciate it without seeing it with your own eyes.  But I did have a funny video moment.  Remember in my first post I mentioned that someone asked me if my hair was real?  Yeah well, that was just the start of the hair comments I got almost daily.  They were always positive comments though, so I can't complain =)

After Canada we started over to the United Kingdom.  I loved this whole area!  I made sure to take my photo in the red telephone booth and I got lots of photos of Rose & Crown pub even though we didn't eat there.

The architecture was perfect and I loved the little side streets.  There was a rock band playing UK rock music in a outdoor park area which only added to the awesome atmosphere.

While in the UK we had a fun little meet and greet with Pooh and Tigger.  While I am not a huge fan of indoor character meets (which at WDW, most are) but this one was kinda nice.  Especially when you want to get out of the heat.

After the UK, we headed into the pavilion that I was most looking forward to.  France!  I had seen so many pictures of this pavilion and have always been in love with the gorgeousness of it.  It did not disappoint.  It really was gorgeous.

We took some photos on the bridge heading into France, which is a awesome view.
Can you believe Heather took this photo on her phone?!  Isn't it gorgeous?:

The first thing we did after the bridge was hop in line to meet Marie!  I always get excited to meet characters that we don't have out very often here at Disneyland.  Marie was definitely one of those characters.  I was so happy that I wore the outfit I wore too because we totally matched!

After Marie we headed over to meet Aurora.  Our meet with her was great.  Aurora was very chatty, which always makes for a fun interaction.  I had a super gross/embarrassing moment with Aurora.  While I was chatting with her a love bug totally flew up my nose!!  She totally saw it and I could tell she was trying not to laugh as I flailed around trying to get the bug off of me.  She kept her grace with a "oh my!"  It was funny.  And gross. lol.

We walked around France for a little bit taking photos and visiting the shop.  This whole area is just sooo pretty!!  I couldn't even handle all the gorgeousness.

Of course I had to take some silly photos of the girls too =)

Heather had been raving about the crepes and Kendall HAD to have the lemon-vodka slushy drink.  Luckily they are right next to one another and we were able to grab a table and have our snack in peace.  They were both AMAZING!  I could eat those crepes and drink those lemon-vodka slushies all day long.

While we were sitting there eating and drinking we had a gorgeous view!  Of course those clouds didn't look very promising!

We knew when we started the world showcase that we weren't going to get through very much of it before it got dark, so we would just do what we could and then see the rest on our next day at Epcot.

  So we headed to Japan to try and get some photos before it got completely dark out.  There are some pretty awesome buildings in Japan and they were so beautifully lit at night.

We took a quick run through the main shopping store and oh man, we were definitely going to be going back there on our next day.  Soo much fun stuff to look at and the store was HUGE!  We would definitely be coming back here on our next Epcot day so I could check everything out!

Next up was the American Adventure and most of the stuff to take photos of is located in the Liberty Theater.  We had missed the last Voices of Liberty performance of the day but the inside of the theater was stunning.  So pretty.  Lots of paintings, artifacts and fun little bits of information adorn the walls, which makes for a interesting walk around the theater.

Being silly with a mustache candy in the Heritage Manor Gifts shop. Lol.

When we came out of the building there was some seriously lightning going on!  The thunder and lighting was one of my favorite parts about being in Florida.  The rain, not so much.  But the thunder and lightning I just love.  Got to watch that for a little bit while we took some outside America photos and then we moved on.  I did manage to get a pretty good lightning bolt on video!

We picked out a spot for Illuminations by the Germany pavilion and got comfy.  I am not sure how I feel about Illuminations.  I liked it, it was enjoyable enough, but I just didn't really get it I guess.  It was kinda long too.  The firework parts were nice, but I just didn't really like the whole globe part which is the part that seem to last the longest.  It was nice to see once, but I probably won't need to see it again.

Once Illuminations ended the park was about to close so we slowly walked the rest of the way around the world showcase to take photos of the rest of the pavilions at night.  They are just so pretty at night.  A pain to take photos of, but really gorgeous.

On our way out of the park we stopped at the entrance to have the photopass photographer take some photos of us in from of Spaceship Earth at night.  It is soo pretty at night.

Since this was our one "early" night, when we got back to the hotel (around 11pm) Kendall and I decided we were gonna soak our aching bodies in the bowling pin shaped pool outside our room.  This was awesome.  We just talked and relaxed and enjoyed the warm Florida weather.  We were in the pool so long that by the time we got out we were freezing!  This was the one and only time the elevator actually felt nice since it was always super hot in there!

Next up: Animal Kingdom!!  See you soon!!

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