Friday, January 25, 2013

Disney Day Trip #2: 1/22/13 - Disneyland

My mom and I have been waiting for the crazy holiday crowds to die down before heading back to the parks for our first day trip together in 2013!  I must say, we couldn't have picked a more PERFECT day!  The weather was perfect and the crowds were SUPER light.  We are notorious for not waiting in any lines over 10 minutes.  Sometimes we even complain about 10 minutes. Lol.

 So we got to Disneyland and did our favorite thing first.  EAT.  We had been wanting to try the new menu over at the French Market, especially the Cajun Meatloaf.  But when we got there I saw that they they had a special menu item for the current limited time magic Bayou Bash celebration.
So that is what I got!  Shrimp and corn fritters with a remoulade dipping sauce, root slaw and a side of grapes.  Holy fried goodness.  These were AWESOME!!  As I write this all I can think about is going back and getting them again.  We also got the Slow Roasted Louisiana Beef Stew for the first time.  I was pleasantly surprised with this as well.  The flavor was amazing and I was kinda amazed at the amount of stew they put in the bread bowl.  I used to get clam chowder here all the time and they almost never fill it to the top.  Not only was the stew filled to the top, but once it was filled the CM continued to spoon in a TON more of the broth.  I was super impressed.

The Mark Twain was wrapped up in dock and not running so they had the Columbia out for the day!  We didn't go on it, but I can't help but take photos of it sailing on the Rivers of America because it really is gorgeous.

Next we headed to the Haunted Mansion.  It has been closed for a couple weeks while they took down the holiday overlay.  I know a lot of people like the original better than the holiday version, but I have finally come to the realization that I like the holiday version better.  There.  I said it.  I have a major appreciation for this ride and the way it is supposed to be, but I just love the colors and that there is just sooo much more to look at when it is Haunted Mansion Holiday.  I sat on this ride today and had trouble finding things to take photos of.  I have never had that problem with the holiday overlay.  Maybe it is just because I like taking photos that I like the other version better =)

New Orleans Square is by far my favorite section of the entire park. It actually feels like New Orleans and the decorations are always so spot on. Right now the Bayou Bash celebration is going on so the area is even more decked out than normal.

Yes. This is me with a plant. A Mardi Gras plant!!

A couple weeks ago they started refurbishment on Big Thunder Mountain. It is going to be closed until around October! Such a long time for one of my favorite rides. Right now that have this HUGE eyesore of a crane up and the whole Big Thunder Trail area of the park closed off during the weekdays.

How gorgeous is this decoration in New Orleans Square? Each light post is decorated with one in a different color!

Next up we went for a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. This is one of the rides we almost always go on since there is rarely every a wait during the week. Like I suspected, we pretty much walked right on. For the first time in a really long time, I just say back and enjoyed the ride. I am always so busy trying to get photos on rides that every now and then I try to just enjoy it with my own eyes and not through a lens. Lol.

As we were exiting the ride I noticed this super cute planter!!

We headed back towards the castle so I could get some photos. The snow finally "melted" off this past weekend and even though I love the snow, it is a refreshing site to see the castle without it. People always talk about Cinderella's Castle at WDW and I agree, it's gorgeous. But there is just something about Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I don't know if it is just because I have grown up with it or if it is because I know that Walt once stood in front of it, but it is just magical. 

We walked up through the castle to make our way around to Alice In Wonderland. This ride, like usual had probably the longest wait of the day but my mom wanted to go on in anyway. So we waited the 15 minutes. Lol. Snapped a couple photos while we waited in line and then we were off! I was a little skeptical about using my new camera because I am still learning where everything is and how it works, but I actually managed to get some good photos on the ride! This has always been one of the rides I struggled with the most so I am super excited about the photos!!

After Alice we headed around to Tomorrowland. There was barely a wait for the Finding Nemo Subs so we got in line. I have no idea when they added these fun little wavy elements to the railings in the queue, but this is the first time I have seen them. They are super cute!

We got in this sub and we were off on a under sea adventure!

Took a couple photos of the lagoon after we got off the ride.

A thin layer of clouds started to roll in over the last hour or so and it started to get a bit humid out. Of course, humid here is nothing AT ALL like Florida humid but it was making me hot and thirsty none the less. We headed back towards Main Street so I could get a drink and of course stopped at the castle again to grab a couple more photos.

Little did I know that my mom saved some bread from lunch for future bird feeding. She is a duck feeding enabler through and through.

From the bridge of the castle you can see some of the construction they are doing on the new Princess Fantasy Faire area. As much as it irritates me that they are putting this new "attraction" where they are putting it, I must say that it looks pretty darn good so far!

My friend Heather raved about the Practically Perfect Punch at Jolly Holiday Bakery so that is where I headed. There were only a couple people in line so it gave me a second to snap some photos. I am not a fan of the items on the menu here, but I absolutely LOVE the decor. It is perfect.

We were getting ready to head out of the park when I saw Donald making his way out. There is no greater feeling that being the first in line to meet a character. LOL.

I always stop in the gallery as well to see if there is anything new that I might need to get my hands on. I absolutely love the castle serious of prints by Jeff Granito that they have in there and I always say I am gonna get one. One day I actually will, but today I saw that he has a new one! It is off the New Fantasyland at WDW. So pretty!

January is the month of refurbs around this place. The train station is getting a sprucing up and they stuck one of those facade tarps over it. It actually doesn't look half bad! Lol.

Made a run through the World of Disney store in DTD like we always so and we were cracking up over this nightshirt!! It is a oversize night shirt. So the proportions are correct on my mom. In case you can't see it, there is a sticker right next to Eeyore's cocoa letting you know that the mug is scratch and sniff. The mug, that is very close to the person wearing the shirts CROTCH, is scratch and sniff. HILARIOUS!!

I thought this was funny too. Even though it is super cute, I thought it was funny that flat irons are now included in toys for kids. AND we are teaching them that you can use them under the sea. LOL!

A little more walking brought us to Marceline's Confectionary. It is always fun to see what they are making. I thought this little Lightning McQueen candy apple was just adorable.

And then we headed out! It was a great day made even better by the nice weather and the light crowds.

Till next time, have yourself a magical day!

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