Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Disney Day Trip #3: 1/27/13 - Disneyland

Today's trip to Disneyland had a couple fun things in store for us!

First, on Sundays Annual Passholders can get into Disneyland a hour before they open.  7am is a little early for us, but we got off the tram shortly after 7 so the day was already out to a good start! Even though it was raining! LOL!  We met up with my friends Jon, Ginger and their kids who were also at the park to celebrate their daughter Jamison's birthday.  We met them in Fantasyland and rode Peter Pan since there was no wait at all.  During these Magic Morning Hours only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open so by the time we chit-chatted a little and rode Peter Pan it was time to head over to Main Street for rope drop.

Mom and I did stop to take a photo in front of the castle first though =)

Waiting to head into Frontierland.

I LOVE Sunday mornings at Disneyland.  Since the parks are mostly full of locals from the area, especially on the weekends, if you get there are rope drop you have at least 3-4 hours of a empty park before the crowds show up!  It is awesome.

The first thing we did was head to The Golden Horseshoe to get our reservations for The Golden Horseshoe Revue that is part of the Limited Time Magic promo. 

Then Jon and Ginger took the kids to breakfast over at the Paradise Pier Hotel so mom and I wandered around enjoying the empty park.

5 minutes for Indiana Jones?  Yes please!

After Indy we headed over to Tomorrowland.  But not before I got a couple photos of one spoiled Main Street horse =)

We we were headed to Space Mountain and saw that there was so wait for Star Tours so we decided to do that first.  We visited Hoth and Coruscant and encountered Darth Vader and Yoda.

Then we moved on to Space Mountain!

We headed up towards the Matterhorn next and as we were walking by decided to ride.  I did really like the new seats the first time I rode in them, but this time I actually thought it wasn't too bad.

The line to meet the princesses was only about 30 minutes, which is one of the shortest waits I have ever seen for them, so we hopped in line!  This Snow White was my absolute favorite.  She was interactive with the people waiting in line and she was soo sweet with every child she met.

I *almost* cried.

With Aurora.

With Cinderella.

And my turn with Snow White =)

To a walk around by Big Thunder so see the progress on the Big Thunder refurbishment.

Just a little more time before our Gold Horseshoe Revue show.

The Petrified Tree.

Since the Mark Twain is being refubed, the Columbia was out and about!  I have NO IDEA when the last time I went on that boat was.  Probably 20 years ago. Lol.  It was FUN!  Probably because the boat was practically empty, but there was just so much more to see.

Mom. #socialskillz

Around the boat.

Below deck.

Docked Mark Twain.

No water Splash Mountain.

Canoe dock with the Haunted Mansion in the background.

Along the Rivers Of America.

Just me.  On a boat.

One of these is not like the others.  And has learned to pretend in order to receive food.

The Bayou Bash was still going on as well.  More on that in a minute.

Lafitte's Anchor.

We were to meet up with Jon and Ginger at Haunted Mansion, but when we got there is was closed =(

So we headed to Pirates instead!

And then back to Haunted Mansion because it was now open!

Got off the Haunted Mansion just in time to catch the first showing of the Bayou Bash.  The music is so great and I seriously just can't get enough of Louie. LOL!

Now it was finally time for us to head over to The Golden Horseshoe Revue!!  I was soooo excited for this.  We used to see this show on every trip when I was little.  It is just soo fun!

Miss Lily doing her thing!

Jon, Ginger, Jarron, Jordon, Jamison and I.

Saw some scrumptiousness on Main Street.

And these two on the way out!

I hate this walk.  Luckily this day we had good parking =)

See you next time!
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