Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Disney Day Trip #5: 3/26/13 - Easter Fun!

Today's trip was all about the Easter Limited Time Magic fun!  I had finally gotten confirmation that my ALL TIME FAVORITE Disney character would be out in the parks this week!  ROGER RABBIT!  Gah!  So exciting!  I have a great photo with him from when I was younger and I have been dying to get another one ever since.  So I made myself a new bow for my Minnie ears and set out for the day!

On the way to the park I remembered that there was so much going on in the parks this week!  I had been so blinded by my Roger Rabbit excitement that I forgot to make a game plan!  So when we got to the parks we ran over to the new Princess Fantasy Faire to have a quick look around.  I knew I would be back in a week or two to do some more in-depth research so today was just to get a quick lay of the land.

All of it is soo perfect.  As sad as I am that they got rid of the Carnation Plaza Gardens,  I fell in love with this area the moment i saw it.  Here are a couple quick photos!

Next up, Disneyana.  This has always been my favorite shop on Main Street and this was the last week it was going to be open in this location.  As excited as I am for the Market House to be expanded and for Starbucks to come in, this shop is a huge part of Disney history.  I am really hoping that they don't change the structure itself too much.

Soiled horse =)

Next up was waiting for the Easter Bunny!  There were little peeps hidden all over the area for people!

I love this particular meet and greet area because it is the in and out area for all the characters on Main Street. 

The Disneyland Band making its way to Town Square

Mickey, Alice and the Mad Hatter

The Easter Bunny!

 I asked a CM if they knew when Easter Mickey and Minnie would be out and it was still gonna be a while so we went to get some lunch.

Cute little bird =)

It has been a while since we had lunch at Rancho del Zocolo so that is where we headed.

I am pretty predictable so of course I got the cheese enchiladas.  My mom picked the tortilla soup and I ended up stealing it from her.  It was soo good!

Springtime means baby ducklings!

Now it was time for us to head back down to Town Square so I could meet Mickey and Minnie in their Easter finest.  The Omnibus was just sitting there with no one on it so we hopped on so it could do the work for us. LOL!  I honestly can't remember ever having been on ANY of the Main Street transportation!  Crazy right?  So this was a fun treat.

Castle from the Omnibus

Our awesome driver!

Mom enjoying the ride!

Minnie and Mickey weren't out yet so we wandered into the Emporium for a minute.  I might need to get me one of these eventually.

We were 2nd in line to meet Mickey and Minnie when they came out.  How stinkin' cute are they?!?

I was Minnie's dress for myself!  It is adorable.

The Dapper Dans were out doing there thing as well!

We still has a couple hours before we could see Roger Rabbit and I heard there was something awesome going on over at DCA so we headed over there for a little bit.

I know it was around/close to spring break times, but this line for Taste Pilots Grill was the most insane line I have EVER seen!  I have eaten here when the lines are backed up almost to the doors and it took almost 30 minutes to be able to place our order.  I can't even imagine how long these people waited.

For the first time EVER, we headed over to check out the Wilderness Explorer Badge Ceremony.  I honestly have no idea why we have never done this.  I have been dying to meet Russell and Dug FOREVER and have just never gotten around to doing it.

It was seriously adorable.  Just look at Russell!  I wanted to squeeze him.

Then came the Easter surprise!  Dug was not around today, but Carl was!!  IN BUNNY EARS!!  Just when I thought Russell was the cutest ever, Carl totally took the title from him!

I died.  Seriously.  He gave the best hugs ever.

I have been trying to make a conscience effort lately to do fun poses with the characters.  This was the perfect opportunity for that!  Carl and Russell were more than willing to take a photo with me doing the Wilderness Explorer sign!

2pm Oswald drawing at the Animation Academy?!  YES PLEASE!  I have been waiting to draw him for a while now and the timing just turned out perfect.

My Oswald!

Over in the Muppet Theater you could see a extended preview of the new Oz The Great and Powerful movie.  We did not see the preview but they had a fun little photo op outside the theater.

Next we headed back over to Disneyland to catch the Spring Fling parade/cavalcade or whatever they were calling it. LOL.  So here is the situation.  The float comes out with Mickey, Minnie, the Easter Bunny and the Dapper Dans on it.  Brer Rabbit, the White Rabbit, Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh and Roger Rabbit all walk behind the float.  The float then stops at the entrance to Main Street straightaway and the rabbits continue up and spread out on Main Street.  They then welcome everyone to come out and join them in a huge group bunny hop!

So here was the problem.  They have to keep doing the bunny hop.  They are NOT allowed to stop doing the bunny hop to take photos.  But I was determined.  I was NOT leaving there until I got a photo with Roger Rabbit.  So I did what I had to do, I bunny hopped.  It was embarrassing and ridiculous, but I did not care.  I handed my mom the camera and told her to keep snapping photos.  One of them was bound to turn out.  Between hopping and dancing and Rogers ears smacking me in the head the whole time, I got my photo!

Once the dancing ended, there was a 1 minute window for me to get Rogers attention.  I literally screamed his name till he had no choice but to pay attention to me.  I love these photos because I really wanted him to see the bow I made to match his bow tie.  I think it worked =)

This was a pretty tiring day with all the running around to get the different characters and how much later than usual we had to stay to see Roger, but it was soo worth it!  It was a great day =)

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