Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney Day Trip #8: 5/25/13 - OPA!

This week brought the fun OPA! A Celebration of Greece limited time magic event to Disneyland!  Chris and I went out to the parks for a couple hours  to see the festivities and meet up with our friends Jon, Ginger and their kids.

First up were these super cute kids doing a Greek dance!  They were adorable.

Then we hopped in line to meet Greek Mickey!  How cute is he?!

With Jon, Ginger, the kids and Greek Mickey!

Then it was time to meet Hercules!!  Wowee-mama!  Look at those muscles!

His meeting area (usually occupied by Merida) was super fun!

We even  posed holding the weight =)

Chris pretending to be a archer.

Aaaannnddd not doing so hot at it. LOL!

Bean bag toss?  Why not!

The new stage show back at the Fantasyland Theater, Mickey and the Magical Map had just opened this day so we headed over to check it out!

The show is soo cute!  Great music and story.  Very entertaining.  Here are some highlights!

King Louie!

Gotta love that face =)

The princess montage is definitely my favorite part of the show.  Soo good.

Sebastian, under the sea.  This part is a bit awkward.  Mainly because my mind always goes straight to the gutter.  LOL!

Though Lilo and Stitch do not come out on stage, the Hawaii section of the show is really cute.

Bringing it home with Tiana!  A great ending to the show!

After Mickey and the Magical Map, Chris and I made a impromptu trip to Goofy's Kitchen for lunch.

For whatever reason, maybe we are just fast eater, we only had ONE character stop by our table!  It was kinda crazy.  Luckily we didn't mind much because it meant we got to eat in peace.  HAHA!

That's all for this day!  My next day trip is a doozy so hopefully I can get that one up soon!!  See ya'll next time!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tons of Bundles and Winter Woodland!

Happy New Year everyone!!  I know you all have been super busy the last couple weeks and goodness knows I am still recovering from all the holiday fun too!  I just wanted to pop into your email boxes today to let you know that I have added a ton of bundles to my store!  None of them are "new" products, but a lot of the time it is so much easier to pick up the products you have been wanting when they are bundled at a lower price =)

Also, in case you missed its release on 12/27, all the 12 Days of Winter mini-kits are now in the store!  And, they are only $2 for a limited time!!  So grab it while you can!

See you all soon and happy scrapping!!

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