Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prompt Challenge - Day 4

Day 4-Your Parents

Wow.  Where do i even begin?!  lol.  Let's start by saying that my parents got divorced when i was 2 years old and i haven't seen him since.  I have come to the realization that my life would not be what it is if he had decided to stick around.  My mom is my best friend.  I am a only child so it has always been me and her against the world and i wouldn't have it any other way.  We pretty much do everything together and even though she can really drive me nuts sometimes, she is pretty awesome anyway.  If i ever decide to have children, i can only hope to be half the mom that my mom is.  She doesn't have a spectacular job and she doesn't always to or say the right things, but she has always spoiled me rotten.  She is an amazing cook, loves to gossip and would give you the shirt of her back if you needed it.  We both have fixed our schedules so that we have Tuesdays off of work to just hang out.  We go to Disneyland or to the movies or go shopping and have lunch.  I know i would be totally lost without her!!  Here is me and my momma:


  1. Tanya - how fantastic that you have such a great relationship with your Mom! That's a cute photo, too!

  2. I loved reading about you Tanya! Sounds like a great relationship for you and your mom!

  3. I love reading of the special bond you have with your mum. Great layout too!


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