Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prompt Challenge - Day 13

Day 13 - Goals

Goals.  I have a few, but I am not a very goal oriented person.  I don't like disappointing myself when I don't make a specific goal.  So my current goals are as follows:
 1)  Get my ass to Walt Disney World.  I have no idea why it is taking me sooo long to get there.  Now I am officially annoyed with myself. lol.
2)  Become a digital scrapbooking designer.  This has actually been a goal for a while, but I have only recently started to make it happen.
3)  Get married.  Chris and I have been dating for 8 years.  It is time.  Sadly, I really don't think it is gonna happen anytime soon.

That is about it for now.  I kinda make up goals as I go along so they always change, but these are the ones I am currently working on.  hehe.

1 comment:

  1. Kill 2 birds with one stone and get married at Disney World! (Then you'd have to add another goal, though "win lottery." Or hope that digital designing goes REALLY well, haha!)


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