Monday, September 5, 2011

17 Days To Go!

#17 - Tomorrowland Transit Authority

 Image by BestOfWDW

I am really looking forward to this ride!  I know that may sound silly but it is as close as I am gonna get to riding the People Mover again. LOL.  Which was my favorite ride at Disneyland until they made the HUGE mistake of removing it =(  I have no idea what Tomorrowland Transit Authority consists of but I know I am probably gonna love it!


  1. Couldn't agree more. Whatever were they thinking getting rid of the People Mover???? I wonder if they'll ever put something else in its place.

  2. Too bad they got rid of it. Its one of my favorite rides.

  3. This ride is so great!! It really is like being on the People Mover again. My mom and I rode it twice in a row. We asked the Cast Member if we could just stay on (there wasn't really a line) and he was like - SURE! It was fun!!! LOVE the TTA!!

  4. I've always called this the people mover...It doesn't stop anywhere inbetween where you could get off. It just makes a circuit in tomorrowland. It speeds up and slows down and goes in and out of the buildings and rides. I love going through space mountain on it.


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