Thursday, September 15, 2011

OMG. 7 Days Left!

#7 - France

 Image by Peter E. Lee

I know I mentioned the World Showcase as a whole already, but I am really really looking forward to the France pavilion the most!  Every photo I have ever seen of this section is just GORGEOUS! I am not sure what there is to do or eat in this area, but I don't care because I am pretty sure I can just stare at it all day and be happy.  Do any of you have anything in particular that you love about the France area?


  1. Everyone will probably tell you they love the Bakery. It's yummy and a good place for a snack, but it's funny because I've found that all the Cast Members in the France pavilion (especially in the Bakery) are a tiny bit rude. Josh and I thought maybe it was an act, like French people are a little snooty, but honestly they were just a little short and snooty. That's just how they are! It was weird!!!

    I love the France movie, its so beautiful and air conditioned! HAHA And I LOVE that you can meet Marie the Aritstocat in the France area!!!

  2. By the time we got around to France the heavens had opened and it rained for the rest of the evening so I dont think we really took much notice of it beauty.

  3. I actually really enjoy sitting by the fountain and just relaxing on the benches here. Its a great place to take a rest and just drink it all in. Even better when you can sit and eat a pastry too.


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