Saturday, September 22, 2012

WDW Trip Report Part 5.2 - Beach Club & DHS EMH

It was really nice just to be able to walk to the hotel from Epcot.  Taking buses and monorails can take forever sometimes. 

 The hotel was really nice!  I loved the beach front and the pool and the gorgeous view over the water of the Boardwalk hotel! 

The baby blue paint and all the white shutters and accents totally gave you the feel like you were staying at a beach front cottage.

Unfortunately Beaches & Cream doesn't take ADR's so we were gonna have to wait it out.  We checked in, grabbed a table in the waiting area, used the towels CM's were so kindly passing out to guests when we walked into the hotel to dry everything off and relaxed for a while. 

I believe we waited just about an hour and we were taken to our seats at the bar top!  This restaurant was so fun!  It is a pretty small little soda shop style place known for their burgers and ice cream desserts.  The decor was spot on.  Ice cream cone lights, mini juke boxes on all the tables and a fun old fashioned Coca-Cola soda dispensing machine. 

We hadn't really eaten all day, and now it was almost 8pm and we were starving!  All 3 of us ordered burgers and fries and i can easily say, i am not sure if it was because I was really hungry or not, but it was one of the best burgers I have ever had!  Seriously yummy.  Oh and I had a just as yummy cherry coke to go along with it. 

I was way too stuffed for dessert but Heather and Kendall got a Oreo cookie sundae for dessert that looked pretty delicious as well. 

We left the restaurant to more rain and headed back through the hotel so we could go grab the boat that would take us over to DHS for EMH's. 

Waiting on the docks in the rain wasn't exactly ideal, but it was quite awesome to see the nighttime view of both the Beach Club and the Boardwalk hotels.

We got to DHS and the rain was starting to let up a little.  We planned on seeing the 10pm showing of Fantasmic but there weren't letting people into the area yet so we hit the bathroom to get out of our ponchos since the rain stopped and we were starting to bake inside them. 

While we waited we grabbed some PP photos in front of Tower Of Terror and then headed over to wait for them to let us in to Fantasmic. 

I was really curious to see how WDW's Fantasmic compared to Disneyland's.  It was kinda neat that they had a actual stadium show set up for it with tons of seating and a massive set that the whole show takes place on.  They even had food and drink areas and vendors walking up and down the aisles. 

I decided to just watch the show and let Heather and Kendall take all the photos.  I think thye did a pretty good job!

In the end, I loved the show, but I much prefer the Disneyland version.  It just seems more real and less staged.  It was fun to see the differences between the two though. 

After the show we headed straight to Tower Of Terror. 

Heather walked the queue with Kendall and I so she could get photos and see everything. 

ToT is just such a fun ride!  Kendall and I had a fun scream fest. 

From ToT we headed over to Rock N Roller Coaster. This was one of the rides I was really looking forward to. The line was kinda long so we just had to wait it out. 

Once you get inside the building the queue was pretty entertaining.  Tons of music memorabilia to check out. 

Once you get to the loading area is was really exciting getting to see each ride train take off!  It really gets you pumped up about the ride! 

It did not disappoint either.  So fun!  The whole ride is pretty much dark so you really have no idea what is going on, but all the twists and turns made for a really great ride. 

After RnR we headed towards the big hat and got some PP photos taken. 

The hat is so pretty lit up and night. 

After the photos we headed over to Heather's favorite ride, Toy Story Mania. 

The wait time for this ride at WDW is always pretty out of control, which is why we waited till later in the night to ride it.  It was after midnight and the posted wait time was still 40 minutes. 

Thank goodness the queue for this ride is a picture taking mecca! So fun!  Old games and Toy Story references, there was just so much going on and so much to take photos of that the line really didn't seem to take that long. 

The ride itself is no different than the one at Disneyland, but it was fun to be able to ride with Heather and Kendall. 

After TSM Kendall wanted to ride ToT one more time so we headed back over there.  There was no wait at all which was awesome!  We walked right on. 

We started slowly working our way towards the exit of the park taking night time shots of everything along the way. 

We stopped for a pretty good amount of time in the hat area to make sure we got some good shots since this would be the only time we would be here at night.

It was another very long day made even rougher by the rain.  It was 1:30 am by the time we got on the bus back to the hotel and it was so hard to stay awake.  

1 - Finally Being Able To Scrap A Album
3 - Wearing My Custom Bow Minnie Ears
4 - Tea At The Grand Floridian
5 - Tower Of Terror
6 - Photopass Photos
7 - France
8 - Figment Merchandise
9 - Illuminations
10 - Rock N Roller-coaster
11 - The Tree Of Life
12 - Phineas & Ferb
13 - Vinylmation Trading
14 - Test Track
15 - Magical Express
16 - Yak & Yeti
17 - Tomorrowland Transit Authority
18 - Extra Magic Hours
19 - Boma
20 - Splash Mountain & Space Mountain
21 - The Big Hat
22 - Finding Nemo The Musical
23 - Kilimanjaro Safari
24 - World Showcase
25 - Sci-Fi Dine-In
26 - Country Bear Jamboree
27 - The Hotels
28 - Pressed Pennies
29 - Spaceship Earth
30 - Earl Of Sandwich
31 - 1st Visit & Happy Birthday Pin's
32 - Haunted Mansion
33 - Dole Whip
34 - Animation Academy
35 - Seeing Heather in action on Toy Story Mania
36 - Meeting Lots Of Characters
37 - Expedition Everest
38 - Meeting Heather & Kendall
39 - First Vacation On My Own
40 - Walking Down Main Street

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  1. You forgot the part where at the end of the night, we completely lost our minds! :p


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