Friday, July 4, 2014

The Iron Scrapper Fun Has Begun!!

It is finally here!!  The annual Iron Scrapper competition kicked off on July 1st and everyone is already having so much fun!

There is soo much Iron Scrapper information to give you, so I will just touch on the highlights.  If you want to get all the scoop yourself, you can visit the Iron Scrapper Forum!  Make sure you read through all the rules and FAQ so you know all the ways that you can earn points!

First and probably the most important part, THE PRIZES!!

SOO awesome right?!  I personally have the QX100 which is just like the QX10 and it is so fun!

Each week us designers are focusing on a era of music.  We each have chosen a song title to base our mini kits/samplers off each week.  For Week One, the theme is:

All the products are only $2.50 and you get a 50% discount if you buy 4 or more and you get the special Free With Purchase products!

I of course chose the song When You Wish Upon A Star!  Here is the sampler I came up with:

Last but not least, there is a fun little blog train that you can participate in to earn a extra point!  Go ahead and click on the image to see the full blog train list.  You will be collecting a code so you will want to go in the order posted!

I know that is a ton of information, but have fun and good luck!

Happy Scrapping!

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