Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Releases Over At Scrap Matters!

Ooh Fridays are always so busy for me because it is new release day over at Scrap Matters. Here is what Britt and Wendy have for you this weekend!! (all images are clickable!)

From Britt:
(click for credits)
Journaling: Every November when I was younger, my family and I would go out to Disneyland for Happy Hearts Day. Looking through these pictures of when I was 13 brings back a lot of memories of the way Disneyland used to look and the rides that I now really miss. The castle Christmas decorations are so much more advanced now with the bright lights and new paint, where in 1994 the decorations were just garlands of Christmas ornaments. My favorite ride The People Mover was still running as were the Rocket Jets. At this time I was still in love with Tigger and my cousins and I always wore sweats to the park! Eek!! And those tennis shoes are a different story!

Now from Wendy we have 3 new products!!!! She is a crazy women i tell ya.

i used all 3 products on my LO =)

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