Monday, January 24, 2011

Prompt Challenge - Day 1

Day 1 - Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts.

Hi everyone!  If you haven't been to my blog before, then welcome!!  My name is Tanya and I am a 29 year old hair stylist from southern California.  If you have no idea why i am introducing myself to you all, then please see this post.

Here is a recent photo of me (please be kind, lol):

Here are 15 interesting (well, at least i think they are interesting) facts about me:

1) I go to Disneyland almost every week and have had a annual pass for over 15 years.
2) Along with being a hair stylist, i have also been a waitress for over 10 years.
3) I have been with my boyfriend Chris for almost 8 years.  Yeah, i said boyfriend.  Not husband.
4) I have no desire to have children unless i can be a stay at home mom =)  hehe
5) Like a lot of women, i have NO IDEA what my natural hair color is.
6) I am very creative, but also very lazy when it comes to executing my creativity.
7) I still have every birthday card i was given on my 1st birthday.
8) I want to become a Digital Scrapbooking Designer and am in the process of making my first kit.
9) I talk on twitter more than i talk to my family.
10) I was once given a pet duck as a Easter present.
11) I have 6 dogs that i treat like children.
12) I eat whole cans of cranberry sauce more than i would like to admit.
13) I have to be physically dragged away from slot machines.
14) If i don't have a Iced Vanilla Latte w/ 5 pumps of vanilla and a Bacon, Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich from Starbucks everyday then i get very moody.
15) I have a unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift.

Don't freak out. I am not crazy i swear, lol.  See everyone tomorrow!!


  1. HOW FUN ARE YOU!?!?

    1. we should go gambling together...I'm a craps player tho!
    2. I have no idea about my hair color either.
    3. I too love Taylor...and love cranberry sauce but forget to eat it other than holidays.
    I felt like more than three was obsessive.
    Thanks for participating!?!?

  2. Love it Tanya. Okay I don't gamble and you could never ever get me to Disney Land more than once every few years but the bacon and egg sandwich, now that I could go for oh and if you throw in a little Taylor I wouldn't complain. lol Glad you joined the party!

  3. guess what? I am coming to Disneyland in May! I have a vague idea on my hair color (I can see roots) and dogs are people too


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