Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prompt Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 - Favorite Movies

I am horrible at remembering movies that I love when I am asked this question.  There are a lot of movies I love. Here are a couple that I can seriously watch over and over again:

In my opinion, the most under-appreciated of the Disney movies.  It is hilarious!

 One of my favorite right now.  If I ever had a little boy I am gonna name him Declan after the cutie in this movie =)

Hands down, one of the greatest romance movies ever.  At least in my opinion.  The last scene breaks my heart every time I watch it.

I LOVE musicals.  All of them.  But if I had to pick one that I could watch everyday, it would be this one:
 My cousin and I seriously watched this movie almost everyday for years!!  I could recite the whole movie to you if you like:

ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE.  no question about it:

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