Saturday, April 6, 2013

Disney Day Trip #4: 2/12/13 - Lunar New Year and True Love Week

Hey everyone!  In case you didn't know, this year is the year of Limited Time Magic at the Disney Parks!  Disneyland has been really lucky to get some seriously awesome events because of this promotion.  The week of Valentine's Day was True Love Week!  Disneyland was decorated in lots of pinks and purples and hearts!  I love seeing special decorations for events like these.  The day my mom and I went we got double the luck because the start of True Love Week over lapped with the Lunar New Year celebration over at DCA!  So we got to see both!!

First up, some pictures of the fun decorations at Disneyland!

The Castle:

The bridge to Snow Whites Grotto:

The wishing well!  Soo cute:

There were even some special characters out for the event!

While waiting in the character line, Mickey and the Disneyland marching band came marching by!

How cute are Mickey and Minnie in there awesome Valentine's attire!!  I couldn't even handle how cute they were being with one another.  I must have snapped a million photos!

Mouse smooches!

A lady a couple people ahead of me in line had a fancy video camera and asked each of them is she could video tape them separately for about 30 seconds each.  Lucky for me, I was in a spot in line where I could get some good photos of them while she was video taping!

For some reason I have never been a huge fan of meeting Mickey and Minnie.  I have no idea why.  Maybe I just have a special place in my heart for the more non-traditional characters?  But I have been meeting with them a lot more lately and they are really starting to grow on me!  I think it is because I have been able to see a lot more of their interaction when they are together and they play off each other soo well that it literally melts my heart every time.

So not only were Mickey and Minnie out together, but so were Donald and Daisy!!  I was SUPER excited about this since I have never had the chance to meet them together.  They were just as cute as Miickey and Minnie too!!

I love this photo.  The woman leading the man.  HAHA!!

Having a little dance for all their fans.


So happy! LOL!

Town Square decorations and flowers!

The Disneyland band performing.

Made a little stop in the Opera House so my mom could see Voices of Liberty while I was meeting the characters.  Snapped this photo of Walt's bench while I was waiting for her.

Next we headed over to DCA to check out the Lunar New Year festivities!

OK.  Before you look at these next 2 photos, let me explain something.  I met with Mickey first.  See his hands?  I didn't realize he was doing that pose otherwise I would have done it too!  Please proceed to next photo.

Then when I went to have my photo done with Minnie, I SWEAR by all that is holy, when we first posed for this photo, she WAS doing the hands.  So I posed like that too!  Then right before the photo was snapped, SHE MOVED HER HANDS!!  Leaving me to look like I am mocking the Asian community!!!  HAHAHA!!  I am not mad or anything, but everyone I show this picture to has a pretty good laugh over it!

One of the signs letting people know how Chinese families celebrate Chinese New Year.

While we were waiting for the next set of characters to come out we took a spin on The Little Mermaid.  Thank goodness for this ride never having more than a 5 minute wait =)

Next I got to meet Mulan and Mushu!!  Soo excited!!

Mulan and Mushu actually show up in their own little parade with dancers and such and they all kinda hang out in the area after wards.

This was a pretty fun day!  I can't wait for some more awesome Limited Time Magic events!

See you soon!!


  1. Tanya this is soooo cool! We love Mickey and Minnie at our house because they always spend a long time with our kids interacting with them! I just love all the awesome pics you got! Looks like fun! XO! Amanda


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