Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have You Checked Out MouseScrappers Yet??

For those of you that haven't noticed the awesome MouseScrappers Blinkie in my side bar (which you can click on to be taken to the site) then you should really check it out!! Even more so if you are a Disney fan!

I myself am a HUGE Disney fan. The site is seriously awesome. All different kinds of scrappers and some really fabulous challenges to help you scrap those awesome Disney memories.

Here is a look at some of the challenges:

Weekly Challenge - Every week a new host gives you some basic (or sometimes specific) guidelines to follow while making an awesome layout!

Template Challenge - Who doesn't love a free template? I know i love them and there are some really fantastic ones in this challenge. Free template + A fabulous Disney LO sounds super to me!!

Speed Scraps - We just started really getting into the speed scraps over at MouseScrappers and they have been a HUGE success. I know i am a huge fan of speed scraps and they are a really good way to scrap out of your comfort zone and improve on the time it takes you to finish a page. 7 steps are given, spread out over an hour and then you get 4 hours after the last instruction to get your layout posted to the gallery! I love the extra time they give you are MS because I am ALWAYS running late, lol.

Telephone Challenge - This challenge is a bit newer as well, but it is soooo fun! We sign up (about 10 people per challenge) and then we are given some basic guidelines or a theme. The first one i did was just a scraplift, the current one I am participating in is a scraplift and to use the colors of the rainbow! The first person makes a LO and then passes it onto the next person and so on. When everyone is done, then the host puts all the LO's together and we get to see how they evolved!! It is really fun!

So go check it out!! If you don't want to participate in any challenges that is totally fine! Just take a look at all the awesome inspiration in the gallery. Ooooh, also, when a new LO is put in the gallery, the maker also puts it in the appropriate venue thread. If you are just stumped on how to scrap your Haunted Mansion pictures, then take a look at the Haunted Mansion thread!!

Don't forget, if you are new to MouseScrappers, when you register make sure you tell them I (TanyaH666) sent ya!! Have fun!!

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