Monday, August 15, 2011

38 Days To Go...

#38 - Meeting Heather & Kendall

Like I mentioned yesterday, this is my first vacation without any family.  So who am I going with you ask?  I am going with my friends Heather and Kendall!!  Being part of the digi-scrap community has given me the opportunity to meet some really amazing people.  Most I only know online, but I have been lucky enough to meet quite a few of them.  Usually when they come out here to Disneyland =)  Heather, Kendall and I have bonded over our love of scrapping and Disney.  We talk daily, help each other out with problems and they are even both on my Creative Team!  I haven't had the chance yet to meet either of them in person yet and what better a place to do that then Walt Disney World right?  Now heres to hoping that we are all still friends by the end of the trip ;-)  Haha!

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