Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look Who Made It To Round 2!!

 ME!!!!  Yaya!!!  I can't believe I made it to the next round of the Design Star Competition!  This is so exciting.  Next up, making my own paper pack.  I have a lot of work to do.

In case you missed it, here is my mini kit from the first round:

If you click on the preview, then you will go to the gallery where you can DL it for yourself!


  1. Yeaaaa!!! I was hoping you'd make it, and I was trying to guess which one was yours. I couldn't pinpoint it, but I liked your preview!! Congrats! I hope you kick it all the way!

  2. Awesome! Congrats to you. I have to say it was my favorite kit off all of the entries. Of course peeps are a big deal in my family, so that was definitely a deciding factor. Can't wait to see your next rounds entry. Good luck!


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