Wednesday, August 31, 2011

22 Days...

#22 - Finding Nemo The Musical

Image by armadillo444

I have heard really cute things about this show.  I love love love the Aladdin show at California Adventure and it will be fun to see a different musical in the parks =)  Plus, just look how cute of those fishies look!


  1. Tanya! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Like I could see it more than once a day if I had time, I liked it that much!! Don't miss it!!!!! The songs will totally be running through your head all day. It makes me wish we had it at California Adventure sooooo bad!

  2. I definitely want to finally see this show at WDW myself! Can't wait.

  3. This is THEEEEEEEEEEE best show!!!! I kids were mesmerized the whole time!


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