Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Days!

#10 - Rock N Rollercoaster

 Image by Express Monorail.

I am gonna guess, just from looking at this photo, that this ride is pretty bad-ass.  I LOVE this photo and the area around the coaster building is just awesome!  This is another ride that I have heard nothing but good things about.  I am super excited that it goes upside-down!  Oh and that I get to listen to Aerosmith at the same time! Double bonus =)


  1. We did this ride for the first time in June, it was A BLAST. It's very smooth and the music takes your mind off the wild ride. It goes upside down twice, but it's pitch black so you almost don't even notice it. You're gonna love it!!! It's our new favorite.

  2. This is one of my absolute favorite rides ... you go fast, fast, fast! :)

  3. Oh yeah its fast! You are propelled with the same ram jet that they launch planes off of aircraft carriers with. Its awesome!


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