Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We Are In Single Digits!! 9 More Days.

#9 - Illuminations

 Image by Samantha Deckler

I actually don't really know anything about this show!  I know it is fireworks and it is on water?  Am I close?  I have seen quite a few photos and they all look so spectacular that I am sure this show is awesome.  You can't really go wrong with fireworks right? =)


  1. I think it's better when you don't know! :)

  2. Sooo excited for you lol. Your countdown has been fantastic and I love getting to see all the things you're excited for. I'll be in WDW in two weeks myself. It's nowhere near my first time (ha! More like 30th) so I'm really enjoying your "newbie" excitement. I grew up in a Disney fanatic family, became obsessed myself, and now work for the company. I LOVE taking friends to a Disney park for the first time and watching them get lost in the magic ::tear::

    Now, re: some of your previous countdown posts -
    Do you have the WDW pressed penny list? The "official" one isn't actually complete, so I always check out this one: http://www.presscoins.com/listings/#newlistings
    WDW exclusive Vinylmations. Keep an eye out for the Food & Wine one. It should be releasing while you're there. It's the first Food & Wine one!

    I have lots of friends at Disney and TONS of trip experience so if there's anything I can help you plan or figure out or anything at all just lmk! I love helping people get the most out of their trips :-)

    Thanks again for sharing all this excitement with everyone! I know you will have just an amazing amazing time!
    -Kate (KateEov on all the scrap sites, kateeovino on Twitter)

  3. after just getting back from WDW, i was disappointed with our spot for this, it was raining pretty heavy on the night we were there and we headed for shelter under a tree by 'England'
    however trees do not make good spots for photos, I didnt get 1 single shot, however a few days later we watched it from the boardwalk bridge, that is a fantasic view for the fireworks at epcot


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